Blaine By The Sea

The Railway Cafe stands in the heart of the city to remind us of a beautiful time when one could board a passenger train right here in Blaine.

The Great Northern Depot in Blaine was built in 1908. It took $8,500 to complete the station.

The Great Northern Depot was an operating train station in Blaine that was built in 1908. The first train came through on March 15, 1909. The Depot allowed many American and Canadian citizens to have quick and easy access to immigration assistance and brokerage firms; these handy services were offered right inside the Depot station. 

Waterfront & The Great Northern Depot in Blaine, WA
Blaine train station circa 1904 (Album of Grace Pinckney)
A passenger train, by the name of “International”, operated by the Great Northern Railway connected Blaine with the King Street Station in Seattle and the Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, Canada between 1950. When “International” was discontinued in September 1981, the Blaine Station was also eliminated.
Great Northern International at Blaine, WA (September 1965)

On the station’s 100th year anniversary, a few community groups combined to form the Blaine Coalition for Historic Preservation. In March 2009, some of them assembled for a photo to celebrate the station’s 100 years and to say “All Aboard” to save the station.

The efforts to save the train station have been many; including a petition to Amtrak to restore the passenger track. However, there seems to be no immediate plans for this in sight.

The Depot station building still stands in its original location and this 1925 railroad car stands in the heart of the city to remind us of the past and inspire us to hope for a time when we can board a passenger train right here in Blaine.