Blaine By The Sea

Blaine Historic walking Tour

Take a stroll through the city and uncover the rich history of Blaine

A Short History

The small town of Blaine, lying on the northern border of Canada and Washington State, is a place that has hosted many different people that have built their lives and left their marks for history to remember them throughout the decades.

During the Mid-19th century, the town of Blaine was settled by travelers who utilized the town’s bay as a seaport for fishing and logging industries. It was also a place where many were beginning their venture on their way to British Columbia’s gold fields. The 1800’s was a prosperous time for Blaine with fishing, logging and canning businesses booming and bringing people from all places.

Where Did Blaine Get Its Name?

The city of Blaine, previously named Concord, was officially incorporated and renamed on May 20, 1890 in honor of James Gillespie Blaine (1830-1893) a U.S. senator from the state of Maine, Secretary of State, and a Republican presidential candidate. Although James Blaine lost the election he continued to be a town favorite among the voting men and the name was kept and honored in the town.

Blaine has an old-town feeling to it, containing remodeled buildings and signs resembling the buildings and designs that existed during it’s earlier days, some of the original structures still stand to tell many stories of those that once inhabited this beautiful town.

The Milhollin brothers transformed the landscape of Blaine with their craftiness and ingenuity.
Unlike other buildings in Blaine, this one has not seen major remodeling since it was first built in 1892.

Salmon canning was once a roaring business here on the Semiahmoo Spit that brought many businesses to the spit over 130 years ago.

The Railway Cafe stands in the heart of the city to remind us of a beautiful time when one could board a passenger train right here in Blaine.

Over a century of history lies within this building. Built as a movie theatre, this building served as an adult movie house for almost four decades, later became a bookstore, and is now a package receiving location.

The Gold Rush brought many to settle in Blaine. This historic building was believed to have been built by a company in California and later served many businesses. 

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