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Peace Arch Park 25th Anniversary International Sculpture Exhibition

Art in the Park is back!

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25th Annual International Peace Arch Sculpture Exhibit Now Open

Come and see the work of international artists at the 25th Annual International Peace Arch Sculpture Exhibit in beautiful Peace Arch State Park. This self-guided art exhibit will run through October 1, 2022. The International Peace Arch Association hosts this event, open to all park guests. Artwork is selected through a juried panel that selects the art based on its artistic impression, quality, durability, aesthetics, and community appropriateness. So come out and enjoy some amazing artwork! And don’t forget to pick up a sculpture brochure while you’re there. International Peace Arch State Park is located at the US/Canada border in Blaine, WA.

This year's exhibit features a variety of sculptures created by American and Canadian artists:

Dreamy Blue Bear

“Dreamy Blue Bear” is a playful piece that reflects the calmness of the west coast.
Media: Fiberglass.
Artist: Xin Meng
Burnaby, BC.
Sale Price: $8,600.

Stand Together

We may not be the same, yet we live in the same world. I was inspired by the events happening in the world today. We are neighbors. I hope the rest of the world can learn from these brothers and get along in peace.
Media: Chainsaw Carved Wood. Joe Maddux, Ferndale, WA. Sale Price: $1,500.


A symbol of immortality and resurrection.
Media: Aluminum
Artist: Serge Mozhnevsky
Coquitlam, BC.
Sale Price: $7,500.

Ying Yang

Based on the Yin Yang concept, this piece is two basic components combined in a way to explain relationships between elements. Non-defined lines between two bodies, chasing each other to seek a new balance, express how we approach our conflicted life.
Media: Marble Stone.
Artist: Viven Chiu
Vancouver, BC.
Sale Price: $16,000.

Jim Green

Jim Green was an American-Canadian community activist. He was a dedicated advocate for the poor and worked tirelessly as a community builder in Vancouver. He passed away in 2012. I feel it is important that we know and remember him and his legacy.
Media: Fiberglass.
Artist: Xin Meng
Burnaby, BC.
Not For Sale.

The Servant

The Servant speaks of a person who has spent a lifetime serving others. Because of the sacrifice involved, it has been hard at times. But with a devotion to God, the Servant is victorious in life.
Media: Steel.
Artist: Roger Small
Burlington, WA.
Sale Price: $5,000.

Hello Totem

My art is always a testimony and a gift to the land I grew up in and to the native cultures that inhabit it. The Totem is a common element in all native cultures, and “Hello Totem” wants to be a universal example, a visual appreciation of all of them together.
Media: Aluminum & Auto Paint.
Artist: David Syre
Bellingham, WA.
Not for sale.

Le Grand Cru

“Le Grand Cru” is an abstract form suggesting united forces, upward to a heavenly cry.
Media: bronze.
Artist: Jean-Guy Dallaire
Vancouver, BC

PLEASE NOTE: A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to state parks and recreation lands managed by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission. A day pass can be purchased at the park for $10/day or purchase a annual “Discover Pass” for $30/year. June 2022 has 3 free park days to enjoy, where no day-use fee is charged. These days are June 11th, 12th and 19th, 2022.

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